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Why Choose TecMechs ?  Customer Testimonials!


Why we use TecMechs is an easy question to answer.  They were able to explain, in terms we could understand, the technology we needed and more importantly, what we did not need.  Our office is fairly small and Steve and his team were able to provide a solution for us that made us comfortable with where we were with our technology plus they were able to do this for substantially less than the other estimates we received.


We have been working with TecMechs for many years.   Thankfully, when we recently needed to recover emails from a disgruntled employee from several years ago for legal reasons, TecMechs was able to retrieve everything we needed even after the employee had deleted his entire mailbox.  Thank you TecMechs for setting up our email archive system!


Honest sales & efficient, friendly service.


TecMechs helped us create our Disaster Recovery Plan and implemented some of the technology involved in that plan.   They took the time to understand what we needed,  helped us determine what (technology/data) was critical and what was needed to recover in the event of a natural disaster.


Steve (TecMechs owner) is the best.  We have worked with many tech companies in the past but none since we began using TecMechs more than 12 years ago.    We have set up monthly maintenance visits from TecMechs and eliminated the need for an in-house technology person.  The cost savings is a plus, but the confidence we have in their work and expertise is what keeps us as a customer.

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