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IT Services

Choosing TecMechs for Managed IT Services means your organization's network will run smoothly and securely.  You business will benefit from the knowledge, expertise, and the over 20-years experience of our technicians.   After an initial evaluation or consultation, we will design a plan to keep your technology operating at optimal performance and ensure your network is secure.

How do we define Managed IT?  This term simply means that all of your company's IT needs are managed by TecMechs.  Everything from network design, premise wiring, hardware/software sales & installation, data security, email solutions, cloud-computing, backup services, archiving, VPN, office to office connectivity, Internet services, etc...  TecMechs can provide all of this, or a portion of these services depending on YOUR preference and what fits your company's needs. 

Our greatest sucess in ensuring the continued success of your business is through our Managed IT & Monthly Network Maintenance Services. 

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